Foundation for United Nonprofit Distribution of America
21st Century Corporate Giving  

Our Market

By cooperating with:
  • ANY Business location or online retailer
  • National data processors
  • City / County governments
  • local School Boards
  • local/national Associations
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Kiwanis Groups
  • regional and local banking institutions
  • public hospitals
  • colleges / universities

- shows socially responsible businesses how to capture dollars that are already being spent in their credit card merchant account, redirect these dollars, allowing the business to contribute these dollars to a nonprofit(s) or public project(s) of their choice.
These dollars are dollars already being spent by the business to the processor of their credit card merchant account.

Our Service:
Public Projects or Corporate Giving
Our patent pending method allows the business to:
1) Reduce out-of-profit giving
without decreasing the actual gift !
2) Increase the giving amount
without reducing profits !
3) Create funds for public use !

Contact us today,
let us help you begin a 21st Century approach to continuing your contributions to your favorite causes.  You have assisted others for years,  The FUND of America can now help you continue to do that while leaving more of your profit in your business, where it belongs!

Let us propose a simple Common Sense question to you.

Question ?

If it were possible for you to support your favorite nonprofit organization...without it costing you or your company a dime, yes that's correct, NOT ONE CENT! ....would there be any reason for you not to participate? 
This is a no-brainer isn't it?


I think you would jump at the chance.   ..wouldn't you?

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