Foundation for United Nonprofit Distribution of America
21st Century Corporate Giving  

Give to others from dollars you already spend.

Our common sense approach is quite fundamental, yet revolutionary.  Most every business has a credit card merchant account which allows the business to accept consumer credit cards as payment for a delivered service or product. The Foundation for United Nonprofit Distribution of America, Inc is positioned as an agent for one or more top level processors.  The monthly residual revenue profit of the merchant account is paid to FUND of America by the processor.  The FUND of America then distributes up to 70% of the revenue above costs back to your business in the form of a charitable contribution in the name of the business and donated to the business' chosen charity.  Putting a merchant in control of more of their capital is our common sense approach to increasing the merchant's desire and ability to give back to his community.  This occurs by agreement and occurs month after month after month...for the life of the agreement.  We can start by matching your existing rates or, if you prefer, we shall try to lower those rates. Our only requirement for the merchant receiving our services is to occasionally mentor those we help. 
Entrepreneurs helping Entrepreneurs.
The FUND of America serves corporate philanthropy by utilizing a revolutionary patent pending accounting method that allows the residual revenue profit portion of your credit card merchant account to literally "feed" dollars into your chosen charity..month after month...after month....after month. 

This logical method is a
one-of-a-kind approach
to assisting corporate philanthropy and the
only such application of its kind in the Nation.

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